Plausible Treatment Options For Nerve Pain

Nerve pain, commonly referred to as neuropathic pain within the medical world, is one of the most common forms of pain affecting many people. This kind of pain can be caused by various different factors and determining the cause is crucial to identifying plausible nerve pain treatment options. However, it is not always possible to uncover the cause of pain or reverse the damage done. In such cases, the treatment provided will focus more on alleviating the pain and symptoms if any. In order to treat nerve pain, neurologists must identify what causes the pain.

Some of the common risk factors that may lead to neuropathy include the following:

• Cancer and diabetes
• Nerve compression
• Excessive consumption of alcohol
• Long-term exposure to drug-related toxins
• Hormone and immune system disorder
• Vitamin deficiencies and infections

Seeking medical care as soon as possible increases the chances of treating nerve pain and alleviating its symptoms as delaying this may render pain management very difficult.

Treatment options available

As above-mentioned, neurologists must first know the underlying cause before they commence nerve pain treatment. If they are unsuccessful in finding out, they may recommend a range of OTC medication and physical therapies to relieve some of the pain as they consider further tests. However, nerve pain whose causes have been identified can be effectively treated, particularly if diagnosed in early stages.

• Better blood-sugar control
Polyneuropathy occurs when multiple nerves malfunction at the same time resulting in severe pain. Diabetes is the most commonly identified etiology of multiple nerve malfunctions. Treatment for polyneuropathy involves administering measures for better blood-sugar control.

• Changes in diet and supplementation
Dietary changes and supplementation can also be used as nerve pain treatment where the underlying cause of the pain is vitamin deficiency.

• Decompression surgery
When the cause of pain is nerve compression, decompression surgeries can be recommended. Nerve compression can happen at any point and the pressure can be caused by a trapped median nerve or from a herniated disk. Decompression releases the pressure although this treatment is ideal where a small number of nerves is involved.

• OTC pain relievers
When the underlying cause of pain is injury to the nerve, the doctor may inspect the area of damage and prescribe different pain relievers. It is more likely the entire area surrounding the nerve will be inflamed and injured.


It is important to consult a doctor immediately you notice any suspicious pain. Early diagnosis can help neurologists find effective solutions and manage the pain. Injury induced pain often improves with time but the other causes require targeted treatment. In some rare cases, you may need surgical operations. Pain relief therapy and use of natural organic pain relievers is also recommended for nerve pain treatment.